New England Fall Prep Hockey League

NEFPHL  2016

U19 – Major division

U18 – Minor division

Saturday / Sunday Game Schedule

16-18 game schedule plus All Star Games (3-U19/2-U18)


$750.00  Prep Teams ($800 if paid by installments)

$1,500.00  P/C Teams (includes practices & off-ice training)


Tryout Fee $35      @ The Icenter – Salem, NH  (only one tryout required)

March 20 10:20-12:30

April 3 10:40-12:50

April 17 10:30-12:40 & 12:50-3:00

All age groups will be evaluated at these times. Each session limited to 50 skaters.


SNE                                Dan McGoff              617-823-6295       dan.mcgoff23@gmail.com

Mass North                   Brian McGuirk       603-893-4448       bmcguirk@the-icenter.com

                                        Dennis McCauley   603-893-4448      dennis@the-icenter.com

South                             Ralph O’Maley         631-258-4963        coachomaley@comcast.net

Mass West                     Matt Gordon            781-389-5592      matthew.gordon14@gmail.com

Mass East                       Dan Ronan              781-983-4915        danronan2@hotmail.com

Mass Central                 Peter Ferriero           978-531-5900      peter@topgunarena.com

Eastern N.E.                  Brian Murphy    603-995-1087      brianmurphy2712@verizon.net

N.E. Public/Catholic    Brian McGuirk        603-893-4448      bmcguirk@the-icenter.com

                                         Dennis McCauley    603-893-4448      dennis@the-icenter.com

The New England Fall Prep Hockey League will be entering its eighth year in September. The league was started to provide the top prep and high school players with a high quality, safe, and affordable means to add 15-20 games to a player’s schedule. Games are scheduled to avoid school activities.  The NEFPHL provides the highest level of play in New England for players of this age. College coaches and professional scouts are in attendance on a weekly basis.   


We’re all just kids at heart



March 20, 2016 10:20 – 12:30PM

April 3, 2016 10:40 – 12:50PM

April 17 10:30 – 12:40 & 12:50- 3:00PM

All Tryouts will be limited to 50 Skaters! Online registration – select the tryout registration tab.


The All Star teams for U18 and U19 were selected today.

The NEFPHL All Star Games are on Sunday November 15

U18@12:00 NEPHL U18 All Star Team Roster

Game Results: 3 – 3  [2OT]

U19@2:10 2015 NEFPHL U19 All Star Teams

Beantown Classic Results Fall Prep Selects  

We love to win.

We can take losing.

Most of all, we love to play.

Fall Prep 5 Pittsburg Penguins 1

Fall Prep 4 Honey Baked 0

Fall Prep 1 Cape Cod Whalers 0

Fall Prep 4 Jr. Bruins Elite 0

Fall Prep 2 Skip Jacks 1

Fall Prep 2 Northwood School 1

Selects 1 Fall Prep 0 (2 OT)

This tourney is on the heels of a 5-1 record and final game win in the Mass Selects Labor Day Tourney.

Thanks to coaches Dan Ronan and Brian McGuirk for volunteering their time.





To: Fall Prep Players

From: Peter Ferriero – Director NEFPHL

RE: Family Advisor Program


Recon Sports Consultants is a family advisor program designed to connect student athletes with college coaches.

If you are unclear about how to identify the best college for you as a student/athlete hockey player, welcome to the club. We can help!

We use an analytical approach based on your academic records and evaluations from 2-3 NHL scouts. From this, we generate a list of 9 schools that are an academic and athletic fit for you. Our compliance team will also screen to ensure academic and athletic compliance.

Thereafter, Peter Ferriero, Brian McGuirk and Peter Bragdon will get to work for you making the connections with the coaches. Unlike other advisors, we are armed with concise and objective data and evaluations generated by the Recon system. Our data and evaluations are not one man’s opinion.

Peter, Peter, and Brian have over 50 years of experience moving high school/prep school age players to the collegiate level. We are your New England Advisory Team.

By the way, the program is not expensive. $399 set up fee and $125 per month beginning after the evaluations are complete.

Please go to reconsports.org for a complete introduction and feel free to call with any questions.


Peter Ferriero




Player Pool Openings AVAILABLE for qualified U19 & U18 Players for $200

Contact Dennis@the-icenter.com or Peter@topgunarena.com


Watch Games played at The-ICENTER Live or On Demand!

Use Promo Code 5ef5-8cc2